BrainBOK Quiz

BrainBOK Quiz is an intelligent multiple choice question (MCQ) based quiz designed to master various aspects of the PMBOK® Guide. Use it to master project management process ITTOs, PMBOK® Glossary and many more areas for the PMP® and CAPM® exams.

Features at a glance 
  • Quiz by Project Management Processes, ITTOs and Glossary
  • Virtually unlimited questions - each question asks you to identify either an Input, a Tool and Technique, or an Output of a given process. The questions are generated randomly from a pool of 42 processes and 517 ITTOs. The answer choices are also randomly generated and randomly ordered.
  • Intelligent questions - the quiz has built-in intelligence to make the questions more difficult
  • Visual Analytics to help you track your progress by Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
  • Integrated with the ITTO Explorer
  • Keep track of your past scores and performance (coming soon).

Features in detail

  • Quiz options
    • Process
The Process quiz randomly selects a process from the set of 42 project management processes, and prompts the user to identify an Input, a Tool or Technique or an Output of that process. 

The system is intelligent enough not to present two correct answer choices. There will always be one correct answer. For example, if the process is Identify Risk and type is Input, it won't show two inputs of Identify Risk as the answer choices.

    • ITTO
The ITTO quiz selects any one Input, Tool and Technique or Output from the set of 517 ITTOs and prompts the user to identify the process in which the ITTO is used as in Input, a Tool or Technique or an Output. 

As with the Process quiz, there will always be one correct answer. 

    • Glossary
The Glossary quiz is very straight forward. It simply picks either a term or a definition (from a pool of predefined flashcards) 
and prompts the user to identify its corresponding definition or term respectively. As the pool of flashcards grows over a period of time, the quiz will become more diversified. 

There's one caveat with this quiz. Because there's no real intelligence built into the quiz, the answer choices can sometimes be very irrelevant and identifying the right answer may not be difficult at all. Therefore, this quiz may not be as useful as the Process or ITTO quizzes. 

    • Visual Analytics
Know your strengths and weaknesses by Process Groups and Knowledge Areas using simple, interactive and easy to understand graphs.