BrainBOK Flashcards

Jog your memory every day and make learning fun with the BrainBOK Flashcards. It has a simple and intuitive interface, which focuses on usability and content. Use it on your computer or mobile devices anywhere anytime. 

There are companies (I won't name them) that charge about $40 for about 350 flashcards, and do not even have the basic features of brainBOK. 

This tool will be improved tremendously in future - new features, better usability and rich content are coming your way. 

Features at a glance
  • Hundreds of flashcards based on PMBOK® Guide, Fourth edition.
  • iPhone-friendly interface (tested on iPhone and iPad). 
  • View cards by topic, process group, knowledge area, or difficulty level.
  • Bookmark flashcards and review bookmarked cards.
  • View the most bookmarked cards by other users.
  • Save and resume session.
  • Simple, intuitive and quick navigation controls.
  • Use keyboard to navigate through cards.
  • Quick feedback option on each card.

Note: There's no dedicated iOS or Android app for brainBOK at the moment. However, it can be accessed on mobile devices through any browser application. 

Features in detail

  • Flashcards navigation
    • Previous / Next
Use button to jump to navigate backward and use to navigate forward in the set.

    • Fast Forward / Rewind 
Use button to jump to previous card (question) and use to jump to the next card (question) in the set. This allows for faster navigation compared to the previous/next buttons. 

    • Jump to First / Last card
Use button to jump to first card (question) and use to jump to the last card (answer) in the set.

    • View cards in reverse order (Answer->Question)
Jump to the last card (answer) using  button and then use  button to navigate the cards in the reverse order 

  • Bookmark cards
Selecting the "Bookmark" check box at the top right corner of the flashcard will save the bookmark. Unselecting the check box will delete the saved bookmark (the card is not deleted from the database; only the bookmark is deleted). 

  • Review bookmarked cards
Review all your saved bookmarks by selecting the "Review bookmarked cards" check box on the flashcards home page. When you select this check box, the other options like "Resume saved session" and the category selection get disabled. 

  • Save and resume session
Save any session by clicking on the "Save Session" button. When you click on that button, the current session is saved in the database, the session is closed and the system returns to the main flashcards home page. You can resume a session by selecting the "Resume saved session" check box on the flashcards home page. When you select this check box, the other options like "Review bookmarked cards" and the category selection get disabled. 

continue from where you left by u. Note: Currently, there's a limitation of saving only one session per user. If you already have a saved session and you save another session, the previous saved session is overwritten by the new one. There are plans to allow multiple saved sessions in future.