• Can I contribute content for this application? If yes, how?
Yes, absolutely. Use the feedback form to contact me. 

  • I'm apprehensive about using my Google account to login. Is brainBOK storing my Google ID and password?
All the authentication is done by Google through Google Accounts. Google shares your email address with brainBOK, but NOT your password or any other personal information. You can find this information on the Google accounts login screen as well:

If you are still apprehensive, go ahead and create a new Google account, which takes only a couple minutes to create, and use that exclusively for brainBOK.

  • Will my email address be shared with any Third Party?
No, and certainly not without your prior consent. Moreover, I hate SPAM myself, and respect your privacy.

  • I like brainBOK, but it could be even better. How do I make feature requests?
I welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please send them to me using the feedback form. The same form can be accessed from the top toolbar on the brainBOK website.

  • How do I report bugs?
You can report the bugs using the feedback form. The same form can be accessed from the top toolbar on the brainBOK website.

  • When will more exams and questions be added to the exam simulator?
I'll be adding new content to the exam simulator and flashcards over the next few weeks. Expect to see lots of rich content added to these tools in future.

  • brainBOK is down / very slow. What should I do? 
brainBOK is hosted on Google servers, which are quite robust. But occasionally, if you see issues, it would be best to wait for some time and try again. If you continue to see the issues, then report them using the feedback form. But do mention the error message that you received, the date and time when you experienced the problem, and your browser and operating system version.

  • Is there an iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android App for brainBOK?
No. However, if you access brainBOK web application from Safari or other browsers on your mobile device, most features should work as they do on the desktop. Though brainBOK is not optimized for the small screen, it's still usable on mobile devices.
  • Can I use brainBOK when I'm not connected to the internet (offline mode)?
No. brainBOK is a Rich Internet Application (RIA), and can only be used when connected to the internet. It does not support offline mode.

  • Can I download brainBOK to my computer and use it in offline mode?
No. See the response to the previous question.

  • Can I get a PDF of the brainBOK content?
No. Most of the content is dynamic and cannot be converted easily to PDF. 

  • Which are the supported browsers for brainBOK?
brainBOK should work on most modern browsers. However, it is tested only on Google Chrome, Firefox 4 and IE 8. Google Chrome is the recommended browser. On IE 8, turn on the compatibility view to use interactive features of the graphs.